Welcome to the Uniontown Weed & Seed Website!

The Weed and Seed Program which began in Uniontown at the beginning of 2010 is as the name implies an attempt to “Weed” out crime and “Seed” in positive alternatives to crime and to help revitalize neighborhoods. The target area for the program is the East End, Gallatin Avenue, and Lafayette neighborhoods.

A contiguous area comprised of at least 4,000 people had to be selected in the City as the target area. Based on crime mapping, the area most in need of the program was the East End, Gallatin, and Lafayette neighborhoods of Uniontown. Fortunately, these neighborhoods are also comprised of involved residents who really care about their communities. The City and redevelopment authority worked closely with the three concerned citizens groups from these neighborhoods to garner support for the application and to develop a plan for the program’s implementation.

Initially the Weed and Seed Program was funded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, a state agency that is focused on combating crime in our communities. The City of Uniontown, working through its redevelopment authority, competed against communities across the state to secure this funding, which pays for an extra full-time police officer, a site coordinator, and enhanced law enforcement initiatives. Unfortunately, because of shortfalls in the state budget the program was eliminated as of June 2011.

However, given the foundation that was created, pulling together community groups and residents, law enforcement officials, non-profit agency and faith-based representatives, it was decided to keep the program going. The group consisting of the following now meets on a quarterly basis to discuss how to improve safety, and to help revitalize the target area:

East End Concerned Citizens
Gallatin Avenue Concerned Citizens Association
Lafayette Concerned Citizens
City of Uniontown, Edward R. Fike, Mayor
Uniontown Police Department
Redevelopment Authority of the City of Uniontown
Pennsylvania State Police
Fayette County Juvenile Probation
Fayette County Adult Probation
Pennsylvania State Parole Office
Fayette County Community Action Agency
District Attorney jack Heneks
East End United Community Center
Pastor John Harris, Faith-Based Representative
Rev. Terry Sanders, Faith-Based Representative

Weed and Seed programs typically are focused on four areas (See the Four Point Approach Tab): Law Enforcement, Community Policing, Prevention Intervention Treatment, and Neighborhood Restoration.

Please access this site on a regular basis to learn more about Weed and Seed and what we are working on. If we receive input from you, this site can actually make the target area safer. This site features a “Silent Complaint Form” which will allow you to report, anonymously, any suspicious or possibly illegal activity happening in the target area. This could be drug activity, code enforcement issues, or pet problems. Once received, this information will be disseminated to the proper City department so that action can be taken.